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    Jun 2, 2010, 12:43 AM - WIP: Boostedblue24's ROTJ Fett and a Female Vader!!! (PICS) #1

    Well, I have been collecting parts for my ROTJ Fett at a pretty good rate now, I'm rushing a bit to try to get everything finished in time to troop by GenCon in Indianapolis this year (early Aug.)..along with a Shadow Guard (from The Force Unleashed videogame) costume, and revamping my Solid Snake here we are first week in June...also, my girlfriend decided we needed a Vader to accompany my Fett, so she started on her take on a slightly skimpier female Vader (pics after Fett stuff)...anyways, here's what I've got so far...

    Body Armor- sourced from cucblack, undergoing a major repaint when it arrives
    Knee Armor- FP V2 with SP1 Hyperfirm darts (prepro)
    Helmet- SgtFang V1, painted by saint_nasty (and a piece of art if I may say so)
    Flight Suit- Loanstar
    Neck seal- FettDad (on it's way soon)
    Jetpack- Man of War (out for paint)
    JP Harness- Boo Boo Fett (amazing piece, it really is)
    Blaster- FettDad kit and paint (out for paint)
    Flak Vest- batninja
    Girth Belt- Making myself
    Ammo Belt- unknown maker, but looks extremely nice (bought from nogga_notch on here)
    Wookie Braids- Spare set from Lucksy31, needs a bit of work to tame haha
    Gloves- Galactic Bounty Hunter (being made)
    Shin Tools- Trying to aquire the original Patterson tools to make myself
    Boot Spats- TK409
    Utility Pouches- TK409
    Boots- Unknown maker
    Boot Spikes-Made myself
    Gauntlets- Originally a rukkfintoy kit (in the mail)

    Pictures!! (I realize wookie braids look like theyre trying to escape...didn't notice that till after the pictures...also, right knee darts and rangefinder top are not attached)

    I also took some pictures of the process of making my toe spikes for anyone that wants to make a cheap set...while theyre not screen accurate, the parts can be obtained at pretty much any hobby store for about $10

    -Sheet of tin (I cut them into 4"x1" sections per boot I believe)
    -A package of thin tin cylinders (Used for supporting the spikes
    -Four small airbrush nozzles for the spikes

    I simply cut four 3/4" long sections out of the tubes, glued them to the inside of each airbrush nozzle (glued it to one side instead of the middle so it would be easier for the spikes to be reletively straight on the boot), hand bent the tin strips, drilled two holes corresponding with holes on my boot, stuck in the tube/nozzle combo, glued the nozzles to the tin strips, and the whole thing fits snug, and I can't get it to come off even if I tried.

    So lastly, but certainly not least, time for a female vader costume!!! The costume consists of-

    -A PVC top
    -PVC bracers from Tripp NYC
    -Almost knee-high Lace-up Boots
    -A cape which she cut, sewed, and installed the chain and d-rings on herself
    -A homemade vader belt (base belt is a simple black leather belt), with the buckle part made out of tin and foam on top of a black electrical wall socket cover, the side boxes being made out of craft jewels on top of two black camera cases (so she can store her phone and wallet, etc while walking around in the costume...not too much room to put it anywhere else haha)
    -The chest box will be part of that little Walmart Vader helmet/chest box voice changer combo toy, with a couple of elastic straps to hold it up on the torso, and some LED lighting inside.
    -We have not decided on a helmet yet...she wants to use the whole voice changer helmet, I say use it, but take out the whole portion that covers the face, or simply get a black wig.
    -We are also working on a custom thigh holster for a lightsaber

    All in all, the whole costume probably comes in at under $100 easily.

    First project was the it is with a view of the inside of the cape (the outside is shinier and less suede-looking). She did a perfect job cutting the cape to a Vader-approved shape, and tailoring it to her size.

    Demonstrating it's..uhh...flexibility?

    And showing the general shape of the cape while being worn

    General materials for starting on the belt buckle and boxes

    Finished boxes...we thought the jewels and the two charms as the white (or chrome) rectangular shapes at the bottom gave it a bit of a feminine touch without looking too homeade or too silly. Also, being a female costume, we agreed the standard Vader boxes would be too portruding off the belt, so these smaller-profile camera cases work perfectly.

    Finishing the belt buckle base

    The finished tin pieces for the rest of the buckle...she cut these out from a tin sheet with tin snips by hand and that's what they looked like without and trimming or sanding...I was pretty floored haha.

    Black foam lines cut and stuck on the buckle...there is also a thing piece of foam on the back of the round part to give it a bit of depth.

    The back of the silver part, ready to go on the rest of the buckle

    The buckle all ready to go

    The bracers (not in the pics of her wearing the costume, they came int he mail later)

    What we have so far- missing chest box, bracers, thigh holster, and whatever helmet idea we go with

    Another view of the belt (sorry for the slightly awkward photograph haha)

    A view of the cape d-rings and neck piece

    That's all for now folks!! I will try to get a WIP thread going for my Shadow Guard in the SW Costumes forums in the next few days here also, and update this with pics as my Fett stuff gets completed, and her Vader costume it finalized.
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    Jun 2, 2010, 7:06 AM - Re: WIP: Boostedblue24's ROTJ Fett and a Female Vader!!! (PICS) #2

    some real nice fett stuff out there by some of the masters on TDH, hope to see the completed one real soon
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    Jun 2, 2010, 7:14 AM - Re: WIP: Boostedblue24's ROTJ Fett and a Female Vader!!! (PICS) #3

    well the toespikes are way to smal
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    Jun 2, 2010, 11:22 AM - Re: WIP: Boostedblue24's ROTJ Fett and a Female Vader!!! (PICS) #4

    Well yes, as I said in the description, they're not completely accurate, it was an experiment to see what I could do with a small budget at a local hobby store.. They're not a squared off shape on the main part either, but Im relatively happy with it or now, and I can always upgrade to the Machined accurate ones later.
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    Jun 2, 2010, 11:52 AM - Re: WIP: Boostedblue24's ROTJ Fett and a Female Vader!!! (PICS) #5

    This thread is an optical illusion, if you look hard enough you can see teh boba fett
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    Jun 25, 2010, 12:44 AM - Re: WIP: Boostedblue24's ROTJ Fett and a Female Vader!!! (PICS) #6

    Well, the Fett costume is almost close I can taste it! Still just missing a few things, that either I haven;'t had a chance to make, or are being made/painted. Anyways, here are a few photos from the other night...the Jp harness is clearly visible, as I have not had a chance to properly install it under the flak vest, so ignore that please! (and yes, I know I am wearing a Jodo Kast style decal...I have the appropriate clan vinyl ready to be put on, just haven't had a chance)

    And the girlfriend's vader costume is done!!

    Updates soon once the Fett costume is done!!

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