Who thinks I was off to an ok start?

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    Who thinks I was off to an ok start?

    Hey guys, a while ago i posted my website showing my armor progress. I had to stop a few days after posting the last update, but now some time in my schedule has opened up, and I might be able to continue. I saved everything, just need some input.

    Rogue606's Fett Chronicals

    Let me know. I have kept up to date with this awesome forum and checked it every day, just never really had the time to get re-involved.

    Thanks TDH!

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    Re: Who thinks I was off to an ok start?


    now keep going!!!

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    Re: Who thinks I was off to an ok start?

    Lookin' good. Go, go, go!

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    Re: Who thinks I was off to an ok start?

    me too.

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