Who paints??

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    Who paints??

    Hey guys,

    I sent all my MLC stuff to a member here about 2 yrs. ago to paint it.....but unfortunately, nothing much has been done. I am now currently asking them all back, but need to know if anyone here could continue the painting in ESB colors?

    I still need to ask the guy which ones got 100% painted, partly painted & not painted, so I could divert it to the addy of the person who could paint.

    Kindly email me at: mlcallanta@yahoo.com
    Send me your price or trade value (MLC wares to trade) and some pics of your work, will be appreciated.

    Mardon (MLC)

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    Re: Who paints??

    E-mail sent Mardon

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    Re: Who paints??

    Ah must bookmark this my friends!

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    Re: Who paints??

    hey Mardon, wanna keep them in the same state already, so you don't have to pay for shipping back and forth?PM me

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    Re: Who paints??

    2 years ago? Id be pissed!

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    Re: Who paints??

    Hah! Hey Sniffer, why are you bringing threads back from the dead?

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    Re: Who paints??

    Pretty annoying, imo... On most boards thats a bannable offense, especially when its on purpose like this.

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    Re: Who paints??

    Devilstar2k2 said: View Post
    Pretty annoying, imo...
    What drives me nuts is when I read the first post because I hadn't seent he thread the last time I was on and read the news and want to comment or help ... then I find out it's old news.

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