who makes resin rockets?

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    who makes resin rockets?

    i'm getting ready to offer up some of my rotj gauntlets here as a lower cost / budget-fett type thing. they aren't as nice as the mow or fp ones, but they'll do the job.

    the one big thing i am missing is the rocket. i lack the tools to make one properly, don't want to make a lousy one, and really don't want to pay a machinist to make me a master to mold from.

    anyone on here regularly make resin rockets that would want to be the person that i point others to? if so, shoot me a pm and we can talk about it

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    Re: who makes resin rockets?

    You're going to offer some up? This is exactly what I was looking for. I was just going to attempt to use for sale signs as you did, but as long as I can afford it, I'd rather get them straight from a guy who knows what he's doing.

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    Re: who makes resin rockets?

    Good to see this take of Brian...
    I wish I could help with the rockets..!

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