What have we here?...

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    What have we here?...


    Hello All! new to the forum and excited to work on a new Boba Fett Costume.

    I purchased these pieces from someone online for a good price. The armor looks to be some type of fiberglass and not plastic as it has rough edges. I am very interested to hear about the gauntlets. I believe they are resin but not sure of the style or original supplier. The belt was custom made, and the compartments do not open. The one knee pad I got looks a little rough. Any input on what I have here will be helpful. I enjoy taking workable pieces like these and making them look better! Thanks for any thoughts.

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    I don't recognize the maker of the gauntlets but they are Jango gauntlets.

    The top portions of the gauntlets look to be resin with the bottoms being made of a plastic. Some work will definitely be required to shape the bottom sections to match the sizing for the top.

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    Re: What have we here?...

    Its a half decent starter kit, make sure you do you're home work and make it your own! It could turn into Fett gold, good luck.

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    Re: What have we here?...

    Interesting that they are jango gauntlets.... I will probably be selling them...

    I plan on giving the whole thing a new paint job and details, I will have to get a new jumpsuit as it doesn't fit.

    What else stands out to you guys that will have to be fixed?

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    Re: What have we here?...

    The knee pad you have looks a little warped, and the back plate looks a little off, it need slots cut for the jet pack straps, and Im not 100% but that may be Jango also painted up to look Boba, the templates I have are shaped a little different, most notable at the back of the neck.

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