Weathering your Decals

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    Weathering your Decals

    Hey guys. How do you normally handle the weathering of your chest and shoulder decals? Add some grime before you put it on Add some more after? What do you normally use?


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    Re: Weathering your Decals

    If you weather these, you should do it AFTER it's on. If you get the underside wet, it will NOT stick.

    Peel it off the backing, and Place it on the armor. Then go ahead and weather/mist away. Once you have it to your liking, add some clear coat over it. That's the advantage of a decal over the use of a sticker, it's more forgiving. Just my opinion. You might want to ask one of the pro painters on here, how they do it...

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    Lightly sand the decals with high grit sandpaper maybe 2000 or 2500 just to get rid of the shine before weathering. This will make mist coats of paint stick on the decals(weathering). Plus the clear/dullcoat wont easily rub off when it scrapes of something.

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