Weathering JW Boots

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    Weathering JW Boots

    What can I do to weather my JW Boba boots? Should I just wear them in the mud and dirt, or use pastels and chalks, or airbrush on some tempera paints?

    What has worked for you?

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    Re: Weathering JW Boots

    Yes pastels is the way to go. Dont forget misted here and their with some black and red. .Take a good look at the boots in the REF CD you'll know where the misting and weathering goes. That is the way I did mines.

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    Re: Weathering JW Boots

    I walked with my MC's through a mixture of dirt, water and motor oil. It weathered up the soles perfectly.

    For the fabric parts, I used pastels. Black, dark grey and rust brown in some areas to simulate blood spatters. I put most of the dried blood around the edges of where the toe spike meets the boot. I mean hey, what did you think Boba uses those toe spikes for anyways? Hehe.

    I also used a file and roughed up the toe spikes.

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