I finished up weathering on my CA boots (thanks to Spideyfett for the heads up on the sale and his weathering tutorial!)

First, I got the shoes good and damp. Not sopping wet, but emough so that the fabric was holding a good amount of water. Then I used a spray bottle filled with a mixture of liquid fabric dye and water. I used 3 colors (black, light tan, and dark brown). I used varying amounts of water with each of the dyes, as well as varying the spray patterns. I let them dry for about 2 hours, and then added the spikes (here's a plug for RussRep, he made em). While the shoes were still damp, I put them on and starting kicking my way through different dirt piles on my property. (I got lucky I guess, we have 3 different kinds of dirt piles). I took the shoes, and rubbed the dirt into them. I let them fully dry for 24 hours. A lot of the loose dirt came off, but enough worked into the cracks to give the shoes that "worn" look. Here's the end result. Comments?