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    Oct 14, 2009, 2:36 AM - Wear and tear on your costume #1

    I was just wondering, especially regarding back plate vs. jetpack. Will a clearcoat protect the parts well enough that you don't chip the paints on those parts?

    I'm jkust thinking that these two pieces rubbing together each time you troop with them, they are bound to get more damage than what you intentionally put there.

    Do you keep repairing it or just leave it be?

    Are there any other pieces likely to get beat up and needing repaints and repairs?
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    Oct 14, 2009, 11:10 AM - Re: Wear and tear on your costume #2

    My backplate is all scratched up from my JP hooks hitting it all the time!! I have 2 large areas that are scratched right down to the white gelcoat!!! gaunts seem to accrue extra scratches here an there. I have a tendency to put on my aluminum collar studs to tight, and so I have little silver circles under each colloar stud as it scratches away the green as they get tightened. A clear coat definately helps, but you are going to get wear & tear on everything eventually. Obviously, the more you troop, the more you are going to get. I've noticed taht I tend to get more extra scratches if trooping in a crowded area. I've always got people bumping into my JP which makes it scratch back and forth on the backplate. I try to stay away from large crowds if at all possible when trooping. Some stuff i've repainted, but it usually doesn't last long, especially on the problem areas taht I mentinoned.
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    Oct 14, 2009, 11:32 AM - Re: Wear and tear on your costume #3

    Thanks, it is as I expected. On the other hand...the backplate is one of the least visible parts of the costume anyway, and I´m guessing the original might have sustained the same damage while filming too so.....let´s call the scratches appearing from the jetpack über canon!

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