I posted earlier in March when the Fett was first finished that I was having some serious problems with the collar armor and vest riding up and choking me while I was wearing it. The jet pack weight, although put onto the straps, for some reason was pulling the back of the vest down, and the front of the vest up. I came up with 2 solutions and put them both into play with my outfit. First, I changed the way I wore my harness. Instead of the standard H shape, I crossed the straps over each shoulder, forming an X with the harness. This put the weight more onto my shoulders, and also kept the harness from moving around as much. Second, I put 2 heavy duty snaps on the vest, underneath the lower "stomach" armor plate. These are facing INSIDE the vest. I put the other half of the snap assembly onto the flightsuit. When I put the vest on, I snapped the together, effectively joining the vest to the one piece flight suit. Two hours trooping, wearing the full outfit, and the the vest did NOT ride up and I didn't get a bruise on my neck this time. I'll post some pics of the event as well as some photos of the disassembled armor when I get home later today.

As a side note, I also found the my helmet padding was a tad off, which resulting in the tiltling of my head to look out of the T. I think this is why I always seemed to be looking down in photos. I started looking more through the center part of T visor, and the photos came out great.