Vest & cape pattern

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    Vest & cape pattern

    Any of you guys know where I can get accurate patterns for a Fett vest and also for both ESB & ROTJ capes ?


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    Re: Vest & cape pattern

    For the ROTJ cape Braks Buddy has one on this site. When you are on the homepage click on the Fett tutorials and go to the ROTJ cape. For the vest go to lisafetts website. I think it's If that's wrong go to the jet pack forum and there's a thread called lisafetts jet pack tutorial. If you scroll down a ways there is a link to her site there. She used a cheerleader vest pattern and altered it. I followed her instructions and it worked pretty well for me. I know nothing about ESB construction, so I'll leave that for others to answer.

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    Re: Vest & cape pattern

    TK409 has a drawing on his Fett site that show the size and where the holes are that Ihave found helpful.


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    Re: Vest & cape pattern

    Nothing about a vest on there,,,

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    Re: Vest & cape pattern

    Cool idea...
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