Upper Armor

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    For TheLoveOfFett

    Upper Armor

    This is my Armor so far, My freind Matt really gets all the credit as he has shown me how to actually do this. So thanks Matt!

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    Re: Upper Armor

    Looks good. Keep the progress pics coming.


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    Re: Upper Armor

    that's sintra right

    very good

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    Re: Upper Armor

    Looks like it turned out pretty good, congratulations. Can you post a front picture of the chest armor??

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    Re: Upper Armor

    It is .04 sintra. The basic shape has been done but it needs a bit more tweaking and the dents need to added. Hopefully I get Jason to get that finished tomorrow so he can start appling paint to it.


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    For TheLoveOfFett

    Re: Upper Armor

    Matt is actually a very good teacher on this, without his help I would be totally lost!

    I will post some more pics as progress gets further.

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