UK Yellow Paint...?

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    UK Yellow Paint...?


    Whats the yellow paint that surrounds the silver dents/scratches called? UK available paints are better. I'n thinking games-workshop paints?



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    Re: UK Yellow Paint...?

    Most folks use Zinc chromate from the testors line. I dunno what they would have similar to that in the UK though.

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    Re: UK Yellow Paint...?

    If you're referring to the armour (not the helmet) then I would recommend 'Yellow Ochre' from 'Americana'. It is a water based acrylic paint that can be bought from craft stores. Once this is weathered it's perfect.

    Good luck!

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    Re: UK Yellow Paint...?

    I wouldn't use GW paint, too expensive for what you get. There are much better out there.

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    Re: UK Yellow Paint...?

    If your on about the armour go with tamiya yellow/green.

    perfect, straight out the bottle.

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