Todays Delivery - Showoff

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    Todays Delivery - Showoff

    No one here in my shop cares, so I thought I'd show you all!

    In addition to a new shipment of Floquil, lookie-loo what the nice mail lady brought me today.

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    Re: Todays Delivery - Showoff

    Very cool. Are you going to use the actual parts on your costume? Or just for measurements, etc to make your own.

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    Re: Todays Delivery - Showoff

    Very nice!!! It is rare to find one with the correct stem! Congrats on the buy!

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    Re: Todays Delivery - Showoff

    Forgive me for asking, but I know this goes to an old record player (right?) but I can't remember what Fett part this becomes!

    Where do you get your Floquil from? Is it a good deal?

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    Re: Todays Delivery - Showoff

    The base thing is the Jetpack Stabilizer and the part of the arm where it narrows down (the cone looking thing), is the cone-shaped knee dart.

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    Re: Todays Delivery - Showoff

    DarthVeach/Yorke... and the small shaft coming up from the 'Jetpack Stabilizer' are the left-gaunt darts!

    DarthVeach, The Floquil isn't here yet, so i can't tell you if it's a good deal. However, it's cases and cases of 70's floquil (or at least that's what I was told)... so I'll let you know once I get it!

    Art, Thanks!! Funny story about where I found it... came across an Original SW prop too!

    Yorke, I'm probably gonna break out the Pressure Pot and RTV and cold cast them. I'd love to use the original parts on the costume, but you'd need... what..Like 5 or 6 of them?

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    Re: Todays Delivery - Showoff

    Nice score ,
    Ok what original SW prop did you find and which floquil paints did you get

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    Re: Todays Delivery - Showoff

    The prop, wasn't too exciting, just an 3PO eye. Neat none the less.

    The floquil I just ordered is as follows (this is the small order, will be getting a LOT from an old warehouse soon):

    300120 Platinum Mist
    300175 Armor Dark Green
    300078 Red Brown
    300201 Intermediate Green FS34151
    300119 Graphite
    300016 Blue-Gray
    300104 Brass M104
    300161 Green 73
    300105 Copper
    300019 Barrier (Clearcoat)
    300180 Intermediate Blue AN608 USA329
    300199 Dark Green
    300189 Field Drab FS30198
    300055 Light Blue
    300039 Olive Drab
    300183 Olive Drab AN613
    300203 Pale Blue
    300200 Forest Green FS34127
    300053 Prussian Blue
    300159 Green 72 M-159
    300029 Orange
    300030 Bright Orange
    300076 Khaki
    300203 Pale Blue
    300179 NS Sea Blue AN607
    300155 Dark Green 71
    300106 Antique Bronze
    300165 Gray-Violet 75

    RR colors

    1 btl. 110058 Conrail Blue
    4 btls. 110182 Hunter Green
    12 btls. 110185 Guilford Gray (which is a med., darker than NYC Light and lighter than NYC Dark)
    1 btl. 110181 NYC Dark Gray
    2 btls. 110180 NYC Light Gray
    4 btls. 110784 Foundation (which is labeled “Stain for Wood” and light tan in color)

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