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    2 Weeks Ago - Nov 7, 2015, 9:06 AM - Throat Mics #1

    My setup currently involves a regular Aker mic headset installed permanently in my helmet with the connector dangling by my ear, because wearing it on my head resulted in the mic getting knocked out of place every time I put the helmet on. But this new setup means every time I want to take the helmet off, I need to disconnect the wire, and reconnect it when I put it back on (not that easy), so it was just replacing one problem with another. Also, while I haven't had any issues with the mic yet, I've heard it's pretty crappy, so it may be time for an upgrade. To make life easier, I was thinking about a throat mic which would forgo the need for a mic in the helmet. Does anyone have any experience with one? The problem I foresee is having the neck seal rub up against it every time I turn my neck (or breathe for that matter) and create noise problems that would render it unusable. Are they sensitive to clothing?
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    2 Weeks Ago - Nov 7, 2015, 11:37 AM - Re: Throat Mics #2

    I used a throat mic in the military, but had to grab my throat better for optimal hearing purposes. I use an under neck headset that I wear under my baclava so I don't have the issues you are discussing. It cost 9$ with shipping and allows me to take cell phone calls when trooping.


    The mic is flexible which makes it easier for adjusting as required.
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    2 Weeks Ago - Nov 7, 2015, 11:44 AM - Re: Throat Mics #3

    I tried a couple different throat mics with my TK. So many "huh?" "what?" "I can't understand him at all"

    I just went back to a cheap Pyle microphone that's under my balaclava. It's so tinny and crappy sounding, it's perfect... sounds just like a TK or Fett, but you can still understand me. Pyle-Pro PMHM2 Omni-directional Head Worn Microphone (3.5mm / 1/4'&#39: Musical Instruments

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