I just wanted to throw out a big THANK YOU to everyone here at TDH who have been waiting for items from me.

There really are ony a few of you, but you have all been more than patient.

My whole family left town in mid-June for my wife to have a pretty major abdominal surgery. I had tried desperatly to get these few orders wrapped up before we left, but we ended up having to go earlier than expected.

Communicating with everyone from out of town via email and PM was problematic at best- I didn't get access to a computer that could do this until a couple of weeks after her surgery (right in the middle of here month-long hospital stay). I let most everyone know what was going on and that I would get there stuff out as soon as possible. The replys I received were all very understanding and supportive.

Everyone has had to wait longer than is reasonable and for that I apologize. It's helped me a lot for everyone to be this understanding and patient.

The good news is that she is going very well (better every day) and that all the outstanding orders are going out tonight.

Again, thanks everyone!