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Supreme Fett Costume

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    Re: Supreme Fett Costume

    holy ****:-D

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    Re: Supreme Fett Costume

    Do you think it will get you into the 501st?

    All kidding aside, you would have thought rubies would have just recasted something from here. I mean, they already broke the law just making that thing.

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    Re: Supreme Fett Costume

    Excuse me but just to get this right ,the pics you added,of your Boba,wich look worlds better than the rubies,are you saying that you took whatever was good and turned that rubies nightmare into the awesome outfit you put in 2 pics in ?
    If yes,your a god,if not,awesome costume you got and...burn the rubies thingy...

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    Re: Supreme Fett Costume

    I know this thread is dead, but I just looked at this costume again and noticed this in the close up zoomed in shots:

    Look at that guy's face smashed into that helmet!
    I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!

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    Re: Supreme Fett Costume

    yeh I think thats an MR helmet and some people have larger noses than others bud...I know My nose isnt the smallest in the world

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    Re: Supreme Fett Costume

    It looks like SFP has found some competition in the World's Worst Boba Fett Costume category

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    Re: Supreme Fett Costume

    Sorry you got stuck with this bro, but glad you got your Fett sorted out.

    To be honest, the only thing i see really wrong with this suit is the price. To any average person this suit would be beyond any Fett costume they have probably seen. When i was a kid my Vader costume was a vinyl suit with a horrible drawing of vader on the front. Not even a resemblance of any vader part. But iloved it, and most people arent like we are, so we shouldnt tear it apart. For an out of the box costume that someone will wear once for halloween i think its fine...the problem is the price. This should be a maybe 200 dollar suit. thats my issue with this suit.

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    Re: Supreme Fett Costume

    Darth Voorhees said: View Post
    When i was a kid my Vader costume was a vinyl suit with a horrible drawing of vader on the front.
    I wore the same costume when I was in Kindergarten!... if I had that same one in mint condition inside the box maybe it would be worth more than the Rubie's Fett!

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    Re: Supreme Fett Costume

    The paint job is priceless/ The quality and workmanship that went into this piece....Im at a loss for words

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