Suggestions for back panel of Jet Pack

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    Suggestions for back panel of Jetpack

    So I got my MoW and almost panicked when I realized there was no backplate to cover the thruster assembly....talked to Christian and learned only J.B got back panels..

    So, what is everyone else's set up to cover that ghastly exposure? Not that the pack looks bad (it's fantastically gorgeous), but having PVC visible even when the pack is off is not my cup of tea. So, suggestions for a cover panel?


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    Re: Suggestions for back panel of Jetpack

    I cut a piece of sintra and drilled a hole in it big enough to stick my finger in for easy removal.

    Then I put a few very small strips of Velcro around the lip of the opening.

    Seems to work fine so far.

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    Re: Suggestions for back panel of Jetpack

    On my MOW pack i cut a piece of 5mm plastic card slightly over size then sanded to a precise fit, bottom edge in first then tight to the top so no fixing required, just requires a penny to pop it out...
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    Re: Suggestions for back panel of Jetpack

    I have a peice of sheet metal cut to size, with magnets at each corner holding it in.
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    Re: Suggestions for back panel of Jetpack

    I've just done my Geonosis Jango JP Pannel.

    0.8mm mild steel, held in place by 1mm (STRONG) earth magnets, then covered in Rub N Buff.

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