Still a ways to go....

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    Still a ways to go....

    So not the most accurate- I still have work to do: gauntlets, more accurate belt, jetpack, etc. My nephew wanted to go as Han and Boba Fett for Halloween. I began work right after Dragon*con and this was the result. I need to upgrade and work on a few items- but so far I am very excited. Without this forum and its members it would not have been possible! I can't thank everyone enough. We were able to meet the Halloween deadline!! All the painting and weathering was done by me- a first timer! Throw me suggestions, critiques, etc! And if you are looking to move some items along- shoot me a PM as well!


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    Re: Still a ways to go....

    Nice job! Very good start!

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    Re: Still a ways to go....

    Looks really good. Thinking of doing something similar with my son.

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