Is this a steal?

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    Was thinking of getting it.. but unsure if its worth it, is that the ESB or ROTJ Version?

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    Re: Is this a steal?

    Is it just me, or is that armor tiny on that flak vest?

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    Re: Is this a steal?

    probably a big guy Fett

    but isn;t discussing active auctions... a thing not wanted by the COC?

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    sorry didn't know about posting live auctions.. disregard

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    Re: Is this a steal?

    kibosh said:
    Is it just me, or is that armor tiny on that flak vest?
    Nope , the vest is just spread out for the photo. and YES it is for a big

    Cody : p.s. its ROTJ paint shceme for the armor. vest material is more ESB i think. Thats the way it came from " R.A. "

    here's a photo of it being worn


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