Splitting an Aker Amp between my Mic and an MP3 PlayerSubscribe
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    2 Days Ago - Nov 27, 2015, 9:50 AM - Splitting an Aker Amp between my Mic and an MP3 Player #1

    I'm planning on setting up a small sound board/mp3 player type that I can use in addition to my mic. Currently testing it with my laptop as the mp3 player until it gets here and I just can't get it to work, Basically, it's either one or the other. The Aker I have apparently boasts to ability to use it with an mp3 player and if I plug a male-to-male cable from my laptop headphone socket to the mic-in socket, I get sound from my laptop through the speaker. If I replace the male-to-male with my mic cable, I get my voice through the speaker. I've tried mic/speaker splitters to try and get both of them simultaneously to no effect; either way the speaker works, but I lose the mic capability when I use a splitter. Not sure where I'm going wrong or if it's simply not possible. I don't think I'm supposed to plug anything into the line in plug but I've tried that too with no results.
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    2 Days Ago - Nov 28, 2015, 2:33 AM - Re: Splitting an Aker Amp between my Mic and an MP3 Player #2

    My aker works just fine with duel input. You need 1 male to male cable and one mic cable and they both go into the corresponding ports. I can even dial in my volume with respect to the samples too with the mp3 player.

    What would you be using a splitter for?
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    1 Day Ago - Nov 28, 2015, 9:29 AM - Re: Splitting an Aker Amp between my Mic and an MP3 Player #3

    You must understand the line in jack is for STEREO connections...this is right/left channel. The audio male to male cable that came with the Aker was for this. You can easily tell the difference by how many black stripes appear on the end of the cable. Two stripes indicate stereo, 1 stripe mono. You need a mono connection for your microphone (who can speak in stereo?). This is the core of your problem.

    There are a ton of cheap sound boards out there where you can pre-record and upload sounds into them. I am using one for the Greedo suit I am building currently.
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    1 Day Ago - Nov 28, 2015, 9:57 AM - Re: Splitting an Aker Amp between my Mic and an MP3 Player #4

    My 1505 has a mic-in and line-in jack; no others aside from those two. I've been plugging the mic in the mic-in jack and the male-to-male line-in cable into my laptop and phone. In that situation, the Aker doesn't act as a speaker for my laptop but it still acts as a mic. Ignoring the mic for second, I realised that when the line-in cable is plugged from my laptop to the mic-in jack, I get laptop sound through the amp (and obviously I get my voice when I plug the mic in the mic-in without the mp3 player). That's why I was trying to split the mic jack so I could get functionality for both at the same time.

    The plan is to take Boba quotes from Battlefront and use them with the suit. I've ordered an Adafruit sound board with a line-out jack. I'm hoping that I can plug the male-to-male cable from the Aker's line-out to the sound board's line-out when it arrives, but given my trouble using it as both for my laptop and phone, I'm not sure if that will work.

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