Special Edition JP????

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    Special Edition JP????

    This has problably been addressed already but I couldn't find it with search.

    Does anyone know why the Fett seen is ROTJ Special Edition is wearing the exploded Jet Pack when we know ILM has more than a few non-exploded ones?

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    Re: Special Edition JP????

    It was in the original film ROTJ.....it "happened" after Han hit Bobas jet pack with the vibro-axe...

    It's nearly impossible to see it unless you know it's there as it's not really facing the screen.


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    Re: Special Edition JP????

    The real reason: They...don't...care...about...continuity.

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    Re: Special Edition JP????

    Muad'Dib said: View Post
    The real reason: They...don't...care...about...continuity.
    Exactly...That's also why he's wearing his girth belt ABOVE his ammo belt and ISN'T wearing his belt pouches in the RotJ SE scenes not to mention the most glaring continuity error...The ESB Bucket!

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