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    Wheres a good place to get sintra thats not online?

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    Re: Sintra

    I buy my sintra at plastic supply stores locally. Check your phone book.

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    Re: Sintra

    I get mine from a shop that makes political yard signs and the like

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    Re: Sintra

    alright thanks. maybe ill even get some political yard signs and salvage them

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    Re: Sintra

    the corrogates kind aren't very condusive to this kind of thing because they won't bend. If you only want them for pieces that will stay straight they're ok, but they wouldn't work for something like chest armor

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    Re: Sintra

    I salvaged some large 3mm sintra pieces from a local sign shop. They make all kinds of signs from all kinds of different materials, so I got some of their scrap for free. 8) All I did was call around to a few sign shops before I found one that had free sintra scraps. These are large, like 4' x 4' or something. The largest size piece I would need was something big enough tto make the back armor plate with. No problem there. I still have three big sheets even after all my mistakes.

    Just my two cents worth on this subject: I'd use the thick 3mm stuff for the body armor and the THINNER stuff for the helmet if you're scratch-building. There are more curves and cuts on the helmet templates and the thinner stuff is much more forgiving when you cutting it.

    BTW, I'd really suggest making a test version out of chipboard, newspaper board (thin stuff, not corrugated cardboard) before you start cutting and using up your sintra. I learned a lot the hard way.

    Don't be shy about posting progress pix as you go.

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    Re: Sintra

    Well I made a quick set of chest armor out of a Trash can for Snow Week at my school. wasnt very good... at all. in fact the only way any one knew who i was was when i was wearing the helmet...which had no visor. Its a crappy helmet i got from disney world. there was a forum all about it a while back. Ill look around for some sign stores here. If they let me take scraps for free... ill probably take alot. I have a few friends that want to make a set with me, and one that ones to make a leia bikini thanks for the input. pics will be up once the project is started

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