Showoff: ROTJ Costume

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    Showoff: ROTJ Costume

    Hi guys, I just completed my ROTJ costume. The armor is from Bobamaker and Gauntlets are Fettpride. The helmet is master replicas. I did the entire paintjob on the gauntlets and the armor using an airbrush and I also used Rafalfett's stencils. My only regret is not using an airbrush sooner instead of spray cans. Enjoy the pictures and I welcome any critique or input you guys may have.


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    Re: Showoff: ROTJ Costume

    that's a mighty fine looking rotj se boba you have there sir. the only thing that's really standing out is how clean everything is. it's too pristine, dirty him up!

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    Re: Showoff: ROTJ Costume

    Very good work on the armor paint.

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    Re: Showoff: ROTJ Costume

    I think today is ROTJ showoff day ^^ Looks cool , Well done ;-)

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