ShocKNursE upgrades his Wookie scalps

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    ShocKNursE upgrades his Wookie scalps

    I thought I' share my Wookie scalp re-do with all of you. I was unable to get in on Julie's horse hair runs, so I had to be creative. Thanks out to her for her progress pics and helping me souces some artificial sinew.

    I have a RotJ/SE suit and opted to try to recreate the MoM exhibit scalps.

    You'll need some blond, brown, black, and grey "hair"; some red, blue, white, and black sinew; and some leather lace.

    I was able to find the blonde, black, and brown pre-braided hair;

    the black and white sinew; and leather lace at Michael's. I had to buy the blue and red sinew on eBay (thanks to Julie for giving me the store name). The store name on eBay is: Primitive Originals.

    I found the grey hair last Halloween as part of a wig. It was nice and long and I able to get about 3 braids from it. Now is a great time to pick some up as they are probably 50% off!

    The blonde/black braid is nothing more than individual blonde and black strands from the Michael's variety braided together.

    You can see the individual braids attached below. I found the instructions for tying the Turkshead knot here:

    I will secure them to my vest with a safety pin, with the closures underneath the vest. I'm sure that these may not be 100% screen accuate, but they are my vision of what they would look like.
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    Re: ShocKNursE upgrades his Wookie scalps

    Thats a beauty of a set of wookiee scalps right there a good job well done

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    Re: ShocKNursE upgrades his Wookie scalps

    Oh man, thanks for this, I'd been sitting around wondering last week wondering how I would do my braids, I think I've got the answer now ^^

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    Re: ShocKNursE upgrades his Wookie scalps

    Awsome, thanks for sharing the info

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    Re: ShocKNursE upgrades his Wookie scalps

    Glad I could be of assistance.

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