Shin Tools completed!

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    Shin Tools completed!

    This was so fun. 100% scratch built shin tools. 7 hours of work (including paint time). All Made for less than $5. Much better than paying 50-100 for a casted set. Im quite proud of my work.
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    Re: Shin Tools completed!

    Nice! So how did you make them?

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    Re: Shin Tools completed!

    Yeah, I need a jet pack adjustment tool and I'm not sure what the dimensions are.

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    Re: Shin Tools completed!

    Made them from scrap plastic, textureless EVA foam and wooden dowels.

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    Which tool is the JP ADJUSTMENT TOOL?

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    Re: Shin Tools completed!

    Reivax said: View Post
    Which tool is the JP ADJUSTMENT TOOL?
    Third one from the left..

    Very nice scratch build by the way
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    Re: Shin Tools completed!

    Great work

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    Re: Shin Tools completed!

    I'm trying to understand the shin tools better, why is the knife sometimes built completely out to resemble a proper knife and other times its just the bottom portion of the paddle. also the squeegee is sometimes finished out with more detail and then its also done a lot more simply. I'm just trying to build the best and most accurate prop I can, I know you all can relate. Thanks

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    Re: Shin Tools completed!

    There was a Star Wars prop book released by DK publishing in 1998. The authors were given creative license to "make up" some of the bits we never "completely" saw on film. The stir stick/paddle was in the costume's pocket, not the knife. Same goes for the detailed "sonic beam weapon"...not connected to any film. DK invented a lot of stuff, such as an interior to a storm trooper helmet that also had no lineage to the films. I have no idea if ILM made the new additions to the old props. I personally hate what they did in the book. It appears it was only done for the book, but, to me It's like repainting King Tuts tomb in warm earth tones. Don't mess with history. Added foot note: At least one of the Star Wars prop exhibits I went to had Icons replica sabres on display along side real props with no disclaimer. If you want to be movie accurate, just use the print squeegee and stir stick. There are instructions here on TDH

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