shin tool mix up (part 2)

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    shin tool mix up (part 2)

    hey all
    well, after my question i posted yesterday about my confusion over the shin tools and the "where does the sonic beam weapon come into it"(big thanks to mandalorfett for shining some light on that ) i have discovered a new s/b weapon question. i checked out the tutorial i was given for the sonic beam weapon and it turns out i have already made the squeege type one from the WOF blueprints.the thing that now gets me is the one i was talking about before (pictured in the vis dictionary ) is the one that has a kind os similar grip at the base but the top has a sort of trumpet type thing and a few other bits added on in the middle of it.anyone help me out on this one or is there any blueprints/dimensions for it.
    paul t

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    Re: shin tool mix up (part 2)

    I don't know of any tutorials or blueprints for the Visual Dictionary shin tools. I have gotten around to blueprinting them yet myself. If I get time I will be creating blueprints.

    If you do find something please let me know.


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    Re: shin tool mix up (part 2)

    hey alan
    cheers for the reply.i must say ,with all the info on this site i thought there would have been something on this item.anyway i think i will have a go at making my own blueprint for this one . i will post it when i have done it ok.
    paul t

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    Re: shin tool mix up (part 2)

    I know the one you're talking about in the visual dictionary (vis dic). It's the same as the film squeegee, but it was dressed up for the dictionary.

    I've seen them for sale on ebay from time to time with a vis dic weapon included. You may check out some of the suppliers to see what they offer in a shin tools set.

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