Seams on the ROTJ flightsuit

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    Seams on the ROTJ flightsuit

    I'm researching the ROTJ flightsuit, and there are some things I can't find clear reference pics on.

    One thing is the seam on the short arms. Are they one piece with only one seam in front, or is there a seam at the back too?

    And should the seams on the long arm be in the same place as on the short arm, or are these positioned under the arm?

    Should there be any seams in the waist area?

    And what are the measures on the shin tool pouches?

    If anyone coud help me answer these questions, I would be extremely happy!

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    Re: Seams on the ROTJ flightsuit

    Lisa, there is a seam at both the front and the back of the short sleeve.

    While in the inner arm (long sleeve) twist somewhat independently, the seams on the short sleeve and the long sleeve should line up front and back when the arms are held straight down to the side.

    Yes, there is a single seam above the waist, approximately across the navel.

    I can't help you with the sin tool pouch measurements right off hand, but I think they are posted in our templates section of the gallery.

    Sorry to just blurt out answers without providing photo proof, but I am a bit rushed for time.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Seams on the ROTJ flightsuit

    That helps a lot, thank you very much!

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    Re: Seams on the ROTJ flightsuit

    art knows what he's talking about, so i would accept nearly any fett related answer that he would blurt out.

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