Thanks. It's taking a while (although at least I'm not on any waiting lists) but I'm nearly there.

The blaster is the last big thing that needs doing. My Hasbro arrived and it's as small as I expected, but the larger stock and grip I scratch built don't look oversized compared to the body of the gun.

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Sucky pictures again. My camera battery won't hold a charge. Anyway, I cut the patterned groove into the grip but decided against using aluminum mesh for the texture as 1) the raised pattern would be opposite of what it should be and 2) any glue I use to attach the mesh would pool in the recesses. I cut off the stock and dremeled away until the grip was flat. I cut into the grip to slot the plastic grip in place; I thought this would be a weak point, but after hot gluing it, supporting it with epoxy resin and then some bondo, it feels pretty sturdy. Then I trimmed down the trigger to shape it more accurately and cut the trigger guard to show more of it. Still lots to do.