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SE Boba Build

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    Re: SE Boba Build

    I'm glad to see this thread is helping out. When I first joined, I was a little dismayed at the prices I'd have to pay, so seeing budget builds really gave me hope.
    @Got2bfett: You could just use sintra if you have trouble, provided you have it lying around.

    I've cut up some random tubes I found a while back and a pen to provide the knee darts. Again, screen accuracy is an issue, but after I bondo the holes I made for them and add paint, they should look the part.

    After a lot of humming and hahing about the gauntlet rocket, I decided to give it a shot making it myself. I initially tried a pepakura model, but it turned out far too delicate for my hands and I considered buying one. My problem was that these gauntlets are significantly scaled down and a regular rocket won't work. So back to building one. I'm taking this one step at a time. Using dowel (or a chopstick in this case), I skewered four Humbrol paint lids to it after finding they were the correct girth. I used some PVC pipe for the back tube with a cap slotted over it, but unfortunately I didn't have any pipe that fitted over the Humbrol lids, so I rather messily wrapped some sintra into a tube. The lip of the paint lids will provide a support and contact point for the glue and four lids, arranged as in the picture will provide the length of the tube section. Bondo will level out the messy sintra warpage. The pieces are currently unattached and the picture shows the second sintra tube seperate to show how it goes together. As far as the front end goes, let's cross that bridge when it comes to it.

    The jet pack has been resined on the front with some extra thickness added to the top edge. Now it's ready for bondo.

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    Re: SE Boba Build

    This is an awsome build. I'm only a few weeks into my full scratch build for death watch armor, and reading this is great motivation. Keep up the great work.

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    Re: SE Boba Build

    Thanks, I've been checking out your build too.

    I've done a first pass of bondo on the jet pack.
    I pulled the rocket tops off to make it easier to get in and sand things down. I've given one half a spray with the filler primer to see any imperfections and thankfully, it's smoother than I anticipated. It will still need a bit of work though.

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    Re: SE Boba Build

    And here it is.
    Thrusters have been slotted in place. They fit snug, but they'll need to fixed more permanently.

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    Re: SE Boba Build

    Not sure if anyone commented on the "beard sticking out yet" but an easy fix that lets you keep the beard would simply be to wear a balaclava or ninja hood with your suit. I know some people wear one while trooping with their helmets to give that added sense of mystery under the mask effect.

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    Re: SE Boba Build

    I got painting the rocket, but unfortunately it's no longer screen accurate...

    Because someone scribbled on it with a sharpie.

    I got the honour to meet Jeremy Bulloch at Sheffield Film and Comic Con on Saturday. Great guy and I feel blessed that my costume now has an extra added detail.


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    Re: SE Boba Build

    Damn dude...what a way to top off your great work on EVERTHING...and have Jeremy sign it!!! Really nice to see all your hard work paying off!!! ...keep posting...

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    Re: SE Boba Build

    Very impressive work, I tried the scratch built helmet from the templates and pep file but I'm afraid beyond my capability. Well done buddy

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    Re: SE Boba Build

    First, great job so far, everything looks great! Second I have a question about your armor, are you using bondo, and if so do you have to do any prep to the sintra before applying it?
    Keep up the great work

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    Re: SE Boba Build

    Thanks. I used a small amount of bondo on the top of the chest plates to smooth out the top curve. I originally expected to bondo round all the edges, but I found they looked clean enough just sanded to a bevelled edge. Time will tell whether it holds up in the long run, but it was pretty much just primer on top of the sintra.

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