scratch built Rotj boba so far

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    scratch built Rotj boba so far

    So last year I decided that i would finally make the cosstume I had always wanted as a kid, boba fett of course. Unfortunaley I didnt realize how hard it would be like most newbs. What I ended up with was a big hit but since then it has been staring at me, Unfinished and completly inaccurate.

    So I completly remade the armor using pvc foam and this is what I have at the moment

    and unfortunatley my rubies helmet....i know

    so guys what do you think? I know i over did the weathering gotta fix that. Any help or critique is most apreciated. thanks

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    Re: scratch built Rotj boba so far

    **** any advice at all??

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    Re: scratch built Rotj boba so far

    The armor and the gauntlet looks good. But I don't know about the helmet... You better do a scratch build one, this way you will be more accurate than with that Rubies.

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    Re: scratch built Rotj boba so far

    Your doing well,
    How ever Id suggest you look in to changing the visor on the helmet,
    but your of to a good start , and if you get the fett bug youl want to upgrade ato a better helmet

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    Re: scratch built Rotj boba so far

    i believe the lid is the most important part of the costume, if thats not right, the rest of the costume is let down.

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    Re: scratch built Rotj boba so far

    You are going to get the bug and will constantly be looking for more screen accuracy. I agree with the above post, the helmet is the most important part to get right. Good luck!!


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    Re: scratch built Rotj boba so far

    Thanks for all the imput guys!! sorry it took me so long to reply been busy. I know that helmet is a disaster and believe me I already have that fett bugg lol. But unfortunatley i cannot afford my perscription of grant mccune helmet. So i will have to fix this...piece...up until i can afford a better helm. Got some more work done though!sorry, pic intensivemy gauntlet painted up properly my missle made outta found parts which include a pen, plastic clarinet thing, cigar tube, and some pvc My jetpack which has taken weeks to get to this point. wouldnt have gotten this far without wizard of flights amazing templates. You sir are a saint and a scholar!went back and decided to do layer paint all my armor all silverand my scratchbuilt cod pieceany tips on fixing the helmet guys? i know its almost a lost cause but some people seem to pull it off.

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