SA dimentions for armor parts?

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    SA dimentions for armor parts?

    Hello TDH peoples! I am OldKen from the RPF (I know hard to tell in my disguise!)
    I was a member here years ago but don't remember my name. (bad when you don't know your own name!)

    I have already seen the WOF thread (have had his templates for years, just DLed the new ones) but still had a question...

    Can someone give me the screen accurate Jeremy Bulloch sized specs (length, height) of say the collar, or shoulder? Or ab?

    Something I can go off of. I have searched and didn't find this info. I'm sure it's right under my nose!

    I don't want to make armor MY size... I want to make it Jeremy Bulloch sized! So I am playin with some HIPS I have laying around and gonna practice painting etc. So the first few pieces don't really matter but would rather get it sorted out sooner than later.

    Thanks guys
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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    good seeing ya Old Ken...Glad to see your keeping the faith at the RPF.

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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    Well hell.

    Just talked to Art and he told me exact measurments do NOT really exist? I guess that is why I'm not getting much response here huh? LOL!!!

    I just really thought I had a video a year or 2 ago where someone was at an exhibit and took measurements with a laser tool of a TK Vader and Boba?

    I might just be remembering that wrong.

    So let me try this...

    What is your best estimated guess on sizing for the original suits armor pieces? Just pick a piece like the belly or neck or one of the breastplates. Something I can go off of.

    I basically have an 8 foot roll of HIPS and wanting to practice painting and damage techniques so I can do it over if things are too big or too small by the time I get the jumpsuit and vest. (really not in a hurry, figured I would throw one more project in the pile!)
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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    I would get wizard templates and try different sized out of cardboard to see the fit on you. then when you find right size. then cut you HIPS .

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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    Take the pics in the gallery and run them through Autocad.
    Then input known dimensions (i.e. found parts like the stabilzer,calc pad,Dental expander) onto those pics.
    that will give you very close dimensions on other parts in the pictures. Then you can apply those dimensions to other pics until you have what you need.
    make sense at all?

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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    I think I've got it figured out.
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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    Well I'll throw in a little bit of info. Met Jeremy at CV and he was a tiny bit bigger than me. I would say he was 5-10 - 5-11. So if you go with the standard large WOF, you should be good. If you doing this to put on a manniquin, wouldn't you want it scared to the manniquin? If not, I assume your wanting to make and sell 1:1 scaled armor?

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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    Jeremy claims to have been 6'2" during filming.

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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    He may very have been. He was taller than me. But Alan Harris was who they built the suit on right? And Didn't John Morton wear it some in ESB and I know Dickie Beer did in ROTJ, and he was similar to my height and build.

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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    I have had dinner with Jeremy and his wife on more than one occasion. Given them rides etc. I want to know his size because he IS my size.

    No I am not wanting to jump into sales just yet! LOL!

    Art knows me guys. Don't be scared of the new guy poking around asking questions! LOL!!!

    I am thinking the large feels right. Maybe just a bit too big. Hard to tell without a vest and jumpsuit on though.

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    Re: SA dimentions for armor parts?

    Jeremy may have been 6'2 during filming.
    He isn't that tall now. Age has that effect on people.
    I'm just under 5'11 in my tennies

    and here I have 1 inch lifts in my boots

    If you want to make them screen accurate to filming, you'll have to go larger than current size.

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