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    Hi all,

    Here is my build so far... not sure why image is rotated (sorry).


    I've bought a 18 food white boiler suit from a local health and safety shop and dyed it Silver Grey (IdyePoly and IdyeNatural). It was meant to be in there for 30 mins plus but took out after 5 mins.

    The Flak jacket was made by dismantling an old T-shirt and using curtain lining material.

    I've added inner sleeves - using templates from an old boiler suit - thigh pockets/ spats/neck seal using the WoF templates and guides on this site.

    I'm going for cheap and quick as I'm running a Half Marathon in it in 2 week's time. What do you think? Is there a quick way to balance the colours?

    Armour is next...

    If you fancy sponsoring me I'm running for Save the Children -

    Thanks in advance,
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