RS Props Boba

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    RS Props Boba

    Has anyone bought/seen RS Props' Boba? Any thoughts or opinions?

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    Re: RS Props Boba

    Here is a link to a thread for RS Props Boba Fett.

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    Re: RS Props Boba

    How much you could spend

    How RS stepped up with a member here-
    Looks great...
    At a price...
    Word is One year Until you receive your Fett at 2500
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    I supply some of the parts for RS and the guys are very good dudes.
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    Re: RS Props Boba

    RS is legit, they are just kinda hard to get in contact with from my experince.

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    Re: RS Props Boba

    Speaking of which, How's my Girth and Horse hair scalps coming along, woodman ;-)~ Did you get settled in your new shop?

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