RS Master Replicas blaster repaint

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    RS Master Replicas blaster repaint

    I had a board member graciously ask me to repaint his MR blaster. He asked that it be painted like the proto-type blaster I painted for Master Replicas. I figured since I'll have to order more paint etc and cranking this up for one blaster might as well do more. If you are interested please contact me.

    The price includes return shipping UPS or FEDEX ground back to you insured. If you ship it to me outside the the packing MR provided I will make attempt to pack exactly as it was shipped to me (same box and packing materials).

    The paint work will be a recreation (the look) of a screen used piece and not a scratch for scratch representation. It will look look beat and battered (paint work. I will not beat and batter the weapon itself) and crapped up like the originals. This will be $200 (return shipping included). Please pm if interested and i want to start this up as soon as possible so if you commit make sure you ship as soon as you can so it doesn't make others wait.

    All the best


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    Re: RS Master Replicas blaster repaint

    Mine should be here in a couple of days... I can probably get it out in the mail on... Tuesday?

    Why don't you go ahead and PM me the address and Paypal ID, then I'll ship/pay as soon as mine arrives.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: RS Master Replicas blaster repaint

    PM sent.

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    Re: RS Master Replicas blaster repaint


    Was there a thread somewhere (??) with pics of the blaster paint master you did?

    I could have swore there was one??

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    Re: RS Master Replicas blaster repaint

    Man Lee, I wish I HAD a blaster for you to paint!!!

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