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ROTJ Recipe

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Major parts together.

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    More together, needs filler here 'n' there next. No stock greebs to ease stock painting.

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Finished, barring clear coat post customer approval

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Another blaster in process.

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    WOW congratulations !
    i want the same !!!

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Here is the finished paintjob, a bit of a departure from my usual scheme that i consider to be an 'as seen on screen'. This one is replicating the prop as seen in pics from the exhibition that are on a thread here.

    The pics were taken under artificial light with a flash as its dark outside, so don't really show the proper relative colours (brown too prominent, light grey looking white etc.). It is a good copy of the ex pics - honest!

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Looks awesome SAS... as always!
    wrong thread but I got my camera back and will be showing my ESB recipe...

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Ill believe ya SAS

    im thinking after my rather large and expensive BM order, you may be the person to talk to about getting an EE-3 Made up for me btw PM sent

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    That's the ee3 blaster that I like!

    Thanks Simon!

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Natural light, no flash - a bit more representative.

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Hi Simon:
    The rotj ee3 blaster is here!

    Oh so good! An awesome boba fett blaster: sturdy, very detailed, terrific paintjob. Very pleased, thank you!

    And happy holidays to you and yours!

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Another WIP for a member. Needs a spot of filling and fettling then its onto painting.

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Spray the whole thing GW Chaos Black, then split it in half (assuming its my kit) to make it easier to handle.
    Using a GW tank brush and watery GW Bestial Brown paint the stock with long strokes lengthwise following the grain. Start on one side and work your way round until you get back to the start, then do it again with less water mixed in. Repeat this a few times reducing the water until you are using neat paint.
    The aim is to build up layers of streaks not necesarily covering the black basecoat.
    You might find the paint is very orangey when wet, don't worry as it will dry to a dull brown.
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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Allow the paint to mostly dry, but no need to leave for a long time as the ink will blend the paint a little. Next use GW Flesh Wash Ink, coat the entire stock going round as before, once it is all inked keep going round without adding fresh ink. If you are in a reasonably warm room the ink will dry as you go round and the brush strokes will add subtle texture. If you want a darker brown add another coat of ink exactly as you did above.
    Once happy, use GW black ink - just dip the very tip of your brush in the pot and apply a streak to the stock then add some flesh wash to your brush and spread the black over a wider area this will darken the wood further. Be mindful the black ink is VERY strong so use sparingly.
    First pic is wet ink, last pic is the finished article, ink leaves a nice sheen.
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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Onto the rest, use GW Boltgun Metal and drybrush the whole of the body except for the smooth area around the edge of the grip plate, the very ends of the scope and the windage adjust knobs. Pay attention to where wear would occur, once your brush is hardly leaving any paint do the open flat areas to just give them a metallic sheen.
    Now mix a little GW Skull white and black and paint grey patches just above the bomb rack greebly, also apply some on the two fins on the plain central band.
    Note the pic doesn't show the grey patches :o
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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Let the metal dry for a bit and then apply very watery bestial brown all over the body, use more pigment in some areas and allow it to collect in nooks and cranies etc. Swirl, splodge and swipe - go for it! Again this will look horribly orange while wet but will dry darker. Allow to dry, meanwhile do the stock greebs the same if you haven't already.
    Y'can see where I have left the grip plate edge black and just see the grey patch above the rack and on the fin.
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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Here's what you should now have. At this point I GW spray Purity seal the whole thing and once dry, paint GW ardcoat gloss (varnish) on to the black edge of the grip plate, ends of the scope and tops of the windage knobs.
    Do it this way round otherwise the purity seal will dull the gloss finish of the ardcoat.

    If you want you can muddy the stock up in a similar way to the body (leaving out the metal drybrush obviously).
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    Last edited by Sidewinder; Feb 19, 2008 at 12:50 PM.

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Got my ROTJ EE-3 kit today...can't wait to work on it! Thanks Simon!

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Did my parts get shipped?

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Here's another parts set for an Irish Fett.

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Yes that would be me!! Received and in the process of cleaning up. Thanks Si

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Another finished ROTJ for an Aussie Fett.

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    A slightly less grubby ROTJ for a US Fett:
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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    Two more WIPs with further kits hovering in the background.

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    Re: ROTJ Recipe

    He, himself, is not slightly less grubby but prefers his weapons so.

    Thanks, Simon!!

    Sidewinder said: View Post
    A slightly less grubby ROTJ for a US Fett:

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