ROTJ jetpack origin and trade?

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    ROTJ jetpack origin and trade?


    I'm in progress building an ESB Fett and I acquired a jetpack prop from a retiring collector. This however is in ROTJ colour scheme that I'd need to remove in order to repaint it and to be able to use the jetpack in my own costume. I'm a bit unsure however as to me it seems like a waste of a quite nice paintjob if I just go and sand it away. Was wondering if there's some other Fett-head in a similar situation and would like to make a trade? So what I'm looking for is a painted ESB jetpack.

    Also I'd like to ask you guys if you can identify the model/maker of this pack? I've got no clue. It's pretty heavy and the material resembles wood a bit. The rocket is detachable, it comes with beacon details and there's a led also. The jetpack has built-in mechanics with switches and battery housing (for the light effect, I guess). The markings are decals if my memory serves me correct. I'll attach some pictures to help with the identification.

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    IM in the same predicament only mine is a rotj fett with ESB jp

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    I am keeping the paintjob though I like the mixed Fett look

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    Re: ROTJ jetpack origin and trade?

    The pack is BIG. As I've mentioned, it most likely is Man o' War pack from early days.

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