ROTJ Armour

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    ROTJ Armour

    I'm making and painting a set of ROTJ armour for a friend of mine. The armour is sintra but includes a set of BM knees.

    Primed and ready to paint:

    I'll update this thread as I progress with it.

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    Re: ROTJ Armour

    Looking great so far! Can't wait to see the rest.

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    Re: ROTJ Armour

    Okay, my apology for the delay. A serious number of migraines and a problem with my airbrush later and:

    Still got to add the darker green, decals (due later today or tomorrow) and a wash. More to come...

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    Re: ROTJ Armour

    Looking good Jo...
    What green are you gonna put over the top?

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    Re: ROTJ Armour

    Humbrol #76 over the top (once the weathering is covered by Maskol) then a light misting over that. Decals arrived yesterday afternoon (REALLY really late post!)

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    Re: ROTJ Armour

    Progress to date:

    And a Jango I'm also making:

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