rnbuda's ESB Fett WIP

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    rnbuda's ESB Fett WIP

    Hello everyone! After 6 years of lurking on this site I'm finally ready to start my Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett build! The plan as of right now is to build the top half on Boba Fett for my display much like The Dented Helmet's CV Boba Fett Display. Me and the wife are planning to move to Florida in the next 8-12 months and once the move is complete I'll be able to have a full and complete display. Thanks to everyone so far who's helped me out via PMing and Facebook with those stupid questions I've had!

    My first post in the WIP will be my Fettronics board with Rafalfett Sequence along with my newly acquired Batninja vest and neck seal which I was lucky enough to get from Lou in the Cargo hold!

    Currently shipping from Chris at FettPride are V4 armor kit and FPHII helmet!

    Next on the ordering list will be braids, cape, jetpack with harness and hooks, ammo and girth belts, sidearm and holster, and collar studs. I think I'm going to buy a cheap set of coveralls to practice dying and weathering before I invest in a full size mannequin to be able to ordered a tailored fit when the time comes.

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    Re: rnbuda's ESB Fett WIP

    Welcome dude..... :-)

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    Re: rnbuda's ESB Fett WIP

    Hey Rob i have a decent set of synthetic braids i was gonna put up for $25 shipped...if you want em, LMK I'll PM ya pics n all that.

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