Rider Supply RIPOFF??

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    Rider Supply RIPOFF??

    Hello Fettantics,

    I ordered the Mohair belt from Rider Supply on May 2, 2003 and STILL have not recieved it, nor any response to my emails to their order department. Anyone else out there have this problem??

    Here is their website and I ordered Item # 509802.

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    Re: Rider Supply RIPOFF??

    I did. My initial post about is here in this thread:


    I want to contact the better business bureau about it.

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    Re: Rider Supply RIPOFF??

    If you need a RELIABLE source:


    $15.99, which is hard to beat usually. And I've ordered from them and they have *excellent* service.

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    Re: Rider Supply RIPOFF??

    If you have a 32 inch waist, will the size 36 fit me or do I have to modify it a bit??

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    Re: Rider Supply RIPOFF??

    Stateline Girth is part Rayon. That won't take the dye, right?

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    Re: Rider Supply RIPOFF??

    If you ordered it on your credit card you should be protected.

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    Re: Rider Supply RIPOFF??

    fpoato wrote:

    If you ordered it on your credit card you should be protected.
    Yeah, if you ordered by cc, call your credit card company and explain what happened and tell them you want to do a charge back.


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    Re: Rider Supply RIPOFF??

    Wow... wish I had seen your original post. That should teach me to <search>

    Thanks for all the responses everyone, and I just ordered one from State Line Track...

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