Reinforcing a jet pack

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    Reinforcing a jetpack

    Could not find this in any other thread, so does anyone have an idea on how to reinforce a hollow plastic jet pack? pictures of what it looks like or how you completed it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Reinforcing a jetpack

    You can fiberglass the inside. You'll need fiberglass cloth, resin and catalyst.

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    Re: Reinforcing a jetpack

    Somethin to think about...don't mix the resin too "hot" it makes heat when it cures, dont want to use too much too soon and start softening the plastic.

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    Re: Reinforcing a jetpack

    I'm actually in the process of building my plastic one. Instead of resin or fiberglass, I'm gonna use pieces of balsa wood stacked. The shells of my two piece jet pack will snuggly fit over the wood. It will either be glued or screwed together. If i screw it together, I will cover the holes with epoxy putty.

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