RAL colors of Boba Fetts Special Edition costume

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    RAL colors of Boba Fetts Special Edition costume

    I just bought my Supreme Boba Fett costume. I like it ...except for its shiny plastic looks and the very roughly painted colors (did the complete costume had to be painted in five minutes???).

    I consider to repaint the armour and helmet according to a figurine i have of Boba Fett. It is a very detailed figurine of large size. The colors make me believe it is a Special edition color scheme. That is the one i like to imitate.

    My work might help others. I plan to give a overview of the needed RAL colors to do the job and i will explain how i added them in the parts in youtube videos (like i do for my airplane, car, whatever stuff). I hope to help this way.

    D*mn, ...i am too helpful to be a good bounty hunter.

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    Re: RAL colors of Boba Fetts Special Edition costume

    There aren't much to like about those costumes. I'm looking forward to pictures of your progress.
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