Question regarding MOW vest and neck seal

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    Question regarding MOW vest and neck seal

    Hey fellow Fetters I just bought a MOW flak vest and neck seal from a fellow member here at TDH but I'm a little confused as to how the neck seal closes in the back as there are no closures on it. Also I'm curious how others have prepped their vests for armor attachment. I plan on sewing Velcro onto the vest as my existing armor was attached to a prior vest using the same method. I guess my question is how do you lay the whole thing out so the armor is spaced and centered correctly on the vest. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If this has been discussed in a prior thread I apologize for this request. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Question regarding MOW vest and neck seal

    hmmm.... I'm not an expert on this (I use magnets to attach my armor to the vest) but you could try marking lightly with a pencil or something where you want to sew the velcrow on. that way, once you stitch them on you can just wash off the pencil markings.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Question regarding MOW vest and neck seal

    You should use a double-faced adhesive tape to fix the armor, mark the positions with a pencil, remove the armor and sew the velcro. After that, the pencil marks can be removed easily. That's the way i fixed my velcro and it worked well.

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