Hello Gang!

I came to a decision this past weekend that I need to have a Boba Fett costume! I got online and saw TDH was still rockin' and had to re-register.....cause for the life of me I could not remember my old password! My name was still in the system though! I am a former 501st member but decided to drop out as my career (film biz) took off like a bat out of hell.....it is still crazy....but I can manage it now! Anyhoo, I am enjoying reading thru the threads and researching for the info I need. Thanks to everyone who has compiled all this info as it will simplify my final goal!

Any suggestions on which helmet to go for? I have a line on a mystery helmet....but would love to find something that is more sturdy!

Thanks in advance.....and if anyone has advice....I would love to hear it!!