Pre-Pro 2 vs ESB jumpsuit

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    Pre-Pro 2 vs ESB jumpsuit

    What's the general concensus here of the color of the Pre-Pro 2 jumpsuit vs the ESB jumpsuit? Could you interchange them?

    I've always thought the PP2 suit is a darker blue, but every now & then I'll see a pic that makes them seem not so far off from each other. But I'm sure that gets into lighting, camera, and monitor settings so I can't always trust the way the colors look in every pic. I've looked through the gallery and searched the forums on this; just wanted to get some opinions.



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    Re: Pre-Pro 2 vs ESB jumpsuit

    I would venture to guess its the same color maybe even same jumpsuit or at least dyed with the same dye at the same time

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    Re: Pre-Pro 2 vs ESB jumpsuit

    good question has anybody asked Art or any of the guy that are really knowlegeable I would like to know as well????

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    Re: Pre-Pro 2 vs ESB jumpsuit

    Appaently tall the jumpsuits were white then dyed blue-gray or blue and grey , I personally think the PP2 is darker all the promo shots seem to be taken in reasonably soft lighting were the ESB shots are under bright studio lights , how ever the way I see it is the PP2 is darkedr than the ESB or what the general consensous for the ESB suit is

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    Re: Pre-Pro 2 vs ESB jumpsuit

    Much darker. Definitely.

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    Re: Pre-Pro 2 vs ESB jumpsuit

    Yeah, also it seems like the PP2 jumpsuit isn't terribly weathered in those promo pics--actually it's remarkably clean, whereas the ESB suit has been weathered quite a bit. Maybe they were the same (or as close as one batch of dye got to another), and the ESB suit is just the faded & weathered result or version of it. Still welcome more opinions, though!



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