PlexiGlass Armor?

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    PlexiGlass Armor?

    I'm relatively cheap when it comes to my Fett armor and I ran into some *FREE* plexiglass. It's between 1/4'' and 1/2'' and I have been told by a friend that it will bend and stay in form with just a little heat (heat gun).

    So my question:

    Has anyone had any experience with using plexiglass? Does paint stick to it? Is it hard to bend? How hard is it to cut into shape?

    My friend uses it to build aquariums so costume armor really isn't up his alley, hoping for some good responses! Thanks!

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    Re: PlexiGlass Armor?

    it's very brittle, and smells pretty bad when cooking it (to bend it).

    i'm guessing it would work, but probably isn't the greatest material to use.

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    Re: PlexiGlass Armor?

    Brittle, as in how brittle? I'm going to experiment regardless because it is free. But I was wondering if I should still keep my eye open for a decent trash can while I'm out this weekend.

    Note: This is more of a once in a great while costume. I don't go around in full costume very often.

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