Pictures of ESB Jet Pack??

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    Pictures of ESB Jet Pack??

    Hello, I'm trying to paint my ESB jet pack and need some pictures as a guide, Does anyone have any pictures. Does anyone know where I can go and find pictures of ESB jet pack? Anything would help me, Thanks Fetthappens66

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    Re: Pictures of ESB Jetpack??

    There are pictures here if you do a search. As it happens there are not many good reference pictures that exist of the ESB JP. You can find some in the Rocket Pack section if you take a look though.

    One last thing, you should post JetPack questions in the JetPack (Rocket Pack) section. A lot more likely to get a response there.

    Oh, one last, last thing - WELCOME TO THE BOARD!

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    Re: Pictures of ESB Jetpack??

    Welcome aboard...

    As BF says always try the search function... but here is a couple to get you started?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails bobadvd004-jpg   boba_fett_009-jpg  

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    Re: Pictures of ESB Jetpack??

    Thanks, Bubba Fett and Mojo- Fett!! Those are great pictures and thanks for the advice.

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