Piano Hinges?

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    Piano Hinges?

    Afternoon everyone. I have been looking on the net for some piano hinges for my gauntlets I’m putting together; the problem is the smallest size I have found is sold in 3 foot lengths. So I was wondering if this is what everyone got and just “cut” them down to size. Or if anyone knew of a place or site that you could get smaller lengths. Any help would be appreciated.

    Have a good one,

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    Re: Piano Hinges?

    Yeah, they can be cut down to size with a dremel.

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    Re: Piano Hinges?

    So I've got a dumb question...

    can you add the hinges to pretty much ANY gauntlets? I've seen the MoW Gauntlets with the hinges (which were SWEET). I didn't even think about adding a hinge to another set.

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    Re: Piano Hinges?

    i bought the 3' hinges and cut them.

    as far as what you can do with the gauntlets... they are yours. you can do whatever you want with them

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    Re: Piano Hinges?

    My MoW's came with hinges, BUT i bought a hinge for the closure!

    i will post pic if you don't understand... or do a search.

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    Re: Piano Hinges?

    you can get them at lowes walmart or fastenal.

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