Paint Help Please!!!

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    Paint Help Please!!!

    Calling all Fetters. I am a little overwhelmed by the site in trying to find a somewhat cohesive opinion on paints. It seems everyone does it a little different, but I have read some threads that are real horror stories when it comes to paints not working well with their chosen material. I have constructed Armor using the "Trash Can Method" and in reading I have thought that the Krylon route is best. Is this correct? Is there a place on the TDH that has a paint list that I missed? And finally, if the Krylon route is best, is there a primer made by the same company or one that will work with the product? Thanks in advance for any help, you guys are awsome!

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    Re: Paint Help Please!!!

    Here try this,

    I'm not sure about Krylon, when I made some trash can armor I used Rustoleom paints and they turned out fine. I also used a cheap primer that wasnt brand name and it turned out fine. I dont think that the primer has much effect, but I wouldn't use 2 or 3 different colors of different brands.

    My best piece of advice is to just cut a small scrap piece from the trash can and paint it like you would the armor and see how it reacts. Good luck!

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