Paint chart conversor

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    Paint chart conversor

    Hi all. im noob here but not in my other hobby, modelling WWII planes 1/48 scale. I had see many posts asking for conversions about paints. I dont know if this is previosly posted, if yes sorry.

    Here youve got an a paint conversor that is really useful (you can see online or download as a pdf chart), and includes a lots of paints used by modellers:

    The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart

    click on "Launch the Ultimate model paint conversion chart", then mark the brand of paints you want to see and write the name or code that you want to search for.


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    Re: Paint chart conversor

    Very cool Info Thanks for that !

    Im already plan to paint some stuff and that helps me a lot in fact i only can take acryl colors because i dont need the smell of enamel colors inside my living room
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    Re: Paint chart conversor

    Im glad you find it useful.

    Greetings from Spain!

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    Re: Paint chart conversor

    Another one: Color Match 1.0
    You choose a brand on the left column and the one you want on the right and press "Enviar consulta".

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    Re: Paint chart conversor

    thank you so much for providing the info I am actually looking for this

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